digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network.

digiBlitz is a Software Platform that helps customers in monetizing cyber-physical digital Assets. digiBlitz Platform brings Value to Naked data from the Internet of things and makes them tradable throughout the lifecycle by encapsulating data with state and artificial intelligence. digiBlitz network is based on a unique Blockchain called “karma Capsule Network”. With billions of IOT devices joining the Internet and producing exponential digital Assets, the value creation, preservation, and tradability, overall Monetization is the most difficult task. digiBlitz makes it easier by combining the power of IOT and Blockchain and apply them for digital Assets Monetization.

menschForce system is built on digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network. So, menschForce is a consortium based blockchain implementation of KCN bringing a distributed, decentralized marketplace for traders and service/solutions provider. Every deliverable & monetizable work or product under menschForce contributes to capsules. So, essentially the traders create and sell these capsules which not only get the service/solution delivered but also create tradable digital Asset vehicles for investors.