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Outcome-Based Projects

For a long time, the Businesses have suffered by the Time based billable project engagement models. While it might be appropriate for many types of project needs, it is highly unproductive, costly and destructive in most engagements. Unfortunately, many vendors and suppliers take advantage of the customer relationship and involve in unfair practices in the time-based model.

menschForce’s outcome-based or hybrid Time & Material project engagement models are the best of the breed business model where you pay for the outcome rather than the time. With the digital transformation of the business and the AI-driven technology ecosystem, every client is suffering a threat of getting disrupted by new generation start-ups and competitors’ cutting-edge innovative advantage. Clients are realizing more and more that their existing project engagement partners and system integrators are failing them by not sourcing the right resources for the project engagements, use inferior products/tools, and apply poor methodologies & lifecycles. While the existing relationships might help in traditional IT projects, menschForce shall stand out clearly as the platform for these modern technology project needs like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain etc., Menschforce being a for-profit cooperative society of consultant members with a global engagement model, brings a competitive advantage to our clients and customers.

MenschForce also provides a clear-cut alternative to freelancers’ engagement by mitigating the risks associated with such a model. Menschforce consultants are part of a closely-knit society of consultants who share the values, knowledge, and wisdom amongst their peers and the provenance and trust are established through Distributed Ledger. Moreover, menschForce consortium brings in clients as participating members in the society (and the blockchain trading platform), there is full transparency and trust between Clients MenschForce and Consultants. So, the clients can engage in risk free with menschforce. We have established various centers of excellence within menschforce so that your specific project needs are handled by the specialists having the right experience, tools and technology experience to handle and deliver results.

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