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MenschForce being a value-added consulting firm, we conduct various training programs in AI, Blockchain, IoT and digital Assets all around the year. These training are free of cost for our Consultant Members, however, a non-member shall also enroll in the individual programs by paying fees. A non-member shall be an employee of our partner company, a client or an individual(in case of an individual registering, our lifetime membership is provided free of charge if the fee is equal to or more than $4000) The training programs are categorized into three: digital Asset Trading, Technology / Skills training and Platform / Tools Training.

digital Asset Creation & Trading

Trading in menschForce is a unique process with a combination of art and science. digital Asset is a modern tradable asset of the human outcome. The trading of digital Assets requires specific skills and expertise in programming, trading, business, strategy and art/science of creating Karma Capsules. The training system includes the following two certification programs:

Total Cost for both: $9000 for Classroom-based or $6000 for Online Only

Duration: 8 Weeks with an average of 20 hours per week.

Mode of Training Delivery: Online Live/Video Sessions/E-learning.

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Mode of Training

Interested in One Program as of Now?

Sign up now! for Certified Assets Trader(CDAT).

Mode of Training

Sign up for Certified digital Assets Professional(CDAP)

Mode of Training

Technology Skills:

  • Certified Blockchain Professional
  • Certified IOT Developer / Architect (Edge to Enterprise)
  • Certified Microservices & Containers Developer & Architect
  • Certified BPM, RPA &  ITSM Developer & Architect
  • Certified Cloud DevOps Engineer.
  • Certified Distributed Cloud Computing Engineer (DCE RPC, C++)
  • Certified AI / Machine Learning Professional
  • Certified Cryptography & Algorithm Developer
  • Certified Datascience & Advanced Analytics Developer


Platform / Tools Based :

Blockchain Platforms

  • menschForce certified Enterprise Corda Professional
  • menschForce Certified Enterprise Hyperledger Professional
  • menschForce Certified Enterprise Ethereum Professional
  • menschForce Certified Microsoft Workbench Blockchain.
  • menschForce Certified digiBlitz Karma Capsule Professional

IOT Platforms Training

  • IOT Edge, Fog and Cloud computing on STM32
  • IOT Edge & Gateway programming on Arduino & Raspberry Pie
  • IOT Platforms IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS
  • IOT Middleware using MQTT, DCE-RPC, JaX-RPC, C++

Microservices & Containers

  • Microservices & Containers Development using Docker, Kubernetes, Kotlin & Go
  • Microservices & Containers Development using Redhat.


  • Pega RPA Developer / Architect
  • Service Now Developer / Architect.
  • Blue prism RPA Developer / Architect
  • UI Path RPA Developer / Architect.
  • Selenium Framework Design & Usage

Web UI

  • Angular JS Developer
  • Node JS developer

Distributed Database / NOSQL

  • Cassandra NoSQL Designer / Architect
  • Hadoop/Hbase Designer / Architect
  • MongoDB designer / Architect

AI / Machine Learning

  • Apache Spark AI / Machine Learning
  • Swift Machine Learning  / AI

Data Science / Advanced Analytics

  • Data Science & Predictive Analytics using Python
  • Microsoft AI Development & Architecture


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